Information about Altech

Batterie-Branche: Altech entwickelt Technologie mit Silizium

Byd and altech with strong news: hope for biontech shares

Information about the cost-effectiveness study

Altech - Wirtschaftlichkeitsstudie zeigt herausragende Ergebnisse für Silumina AnodesTM Materials

A video on this topic can be found at:

Images of the planned production plant and the celebration

Figure 1: Location of the Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Park and the ~10Ha industrial site available to Altech

Figure 2: Mr. Thomas Schmidt (Saxony State Minister for Development), Mr Uwe Ahrens (Altech) in front of Dock3

Figure 3: Land handover ceremony held in Dock3, next door to Altech’s project land

Figure 4: Dignitaries looking over the proposed pilot plant site in Dock 3.

Figure 5: Altech’s German director Uwe Ahrens speaking to German Media

The German TV report on the planned plant and celebrations can be found on the company's website as well as at

The link to the interview at Nebenwerte Magazin

The link to the interview at Börsenradio Network AG can be found on the company's website and at

The link to the interview in text form on